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Mixed case of tinctures all flavors samples (case of 10) :

2 x Natural

2 x Mango

2 x Citrus

2 x Coconut Lime

1 x Pets

1 x Mint Mojito

1.5 Milligrams CBD Per Drop

Medium-chain triglyceride(MCT)oil 99% pure hemp extract, natural flavoring.


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil 99% pure hemp extract, natural flavoring. Grown and extracted in the USA, our quality hemp extract is fully compliant. Nurish CBD products are third-party tested, completely legal, contain 0% THC and we are able to ship them to all 50 states and internationally.

Quality Control

Nurish products are independently lab-tested, consistent, solvent-free, glycol-free, pesticide-free, and THC-free to ensure you receive a consistent experience every time.information about your brand with customers.


CBD is not intended to cure or treat any illness or diseases.


    Severity level (anxiety, pain, ailment)  
Body Weight mild   medium   severe
  1 2 3 4 5
61-100lbs   4mg-6mg+ 6mg-12mg+ 12mg-18mg 18mg-24mg+ 24-40mg+
a little under .25ml about .25ml dropper or a little more a little less or a little more than .5ml dropper about .5-.75 ml dropper about .75-1.25ml dropper
3-4 drops 4-8 drops 8-12 drops 12-16 drops 16-27 drops
100-175lbs   6mg-8mg+ 8mg-10mg+ 18mg-24mg+ 24mg-32mg+ 32mg-60mg+
about .25ml dropper or less about .25ml dropper about .5-.75 ml dropper about .75-1ml dropper about 1 full dropper- 2 full droppers
4-5 drops 5-7 drops 12-16 drops 16-21 drops 21-40 drops
175-250lbs   8mg-10mg+ 12mg-20mg+ 22mg-30mg 32mg-40mg+ 42mg-60mg+
about .25ml dropper a little less or a little more than .5ml dropper .5ml or a little less than .75ml dropper about 1 full dropper - to 1.25ml dropper about 1.25ml -2 full droppers
5-7 drops 8-13 drops 15-20 drops 21-27 drops 28- 40 drops

All of these servings are suggestions and approximations based on weight and how severe your ailment is.

We recommend always starting with a lower dose or the first week. assess how you feel and increase your dose step by step, until you find your "sweet spot".