CBD and pets

CBD and pets

There's already a lot of skepticism behind CBD--and we don't blame you. there's a lot of brand out there that dilute their products with coconut oil, water, and ingredients that simply don't help. On top of that convincing people that CBD could potentially help their furry friends, is another challenge.

Here's some facts, studies, and myths to help you be a more informed buyer for your pet.

Benefits may include:

1) Pain Alleviation

Whether your dog is injured, or simply getting older, CBD proves to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent for pets. In a study published in the journal PAIN, CBD was observed to significantly help pooches with osteoarthritis (joint pain).

2) Anxiety Relief

Anxiety in pets could include manifest in many different situations:

  • long car rides
  • fireworks
  • separation anxiety
  • vet visits

CBD is often marketed as a calming, anxiety reducing miracle for humans, but it may have similar effects for pets. Research has shown that dogs that took a low dose of CBD for 2 weeks were shown to be more calm and playful than those who did not.

 How much should I give my pet?

CBD for dogs or cats dosing chart


Pet weight Low dose Medium dose Strong dose
About 10 pounds 1 drop 3-4 drops 5-6 drops
About 20 pounds 2 drops 6-7 drops 10-11 drops
About 30 pounds 3-4 drops 9-10 drops .5ml
About 40 pounds 4-5 drops 10-11 drops .75ml
About 50 pounds 5-6 drops .5ml .75ml
About 60 pounds 6-7 drops .5ml 1ml
About 70 pounds 7-8 drops .75ml 1ml
About 80 pounds .25ml .75ml 1.5ml
About 90 pounds 9-10 drops 1ml 1.5ml
About 100 pounds 10-11 drops 1ml 1.75ml



CBD is not intended to cure or treat any diseases.

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