Lab Results

NURISH sources the highest quality CBD for our product formulations.
All products are independently lab tested, consistent, solvent free, glycol free, pesticide free and THC free to ensure you receive a consistent experience every time.


CBD Results over 100% Purity Over the last several years, ultra-purified CBD products have increased in popularity and become an integral part of the CBD manufacturing supply chain. Prior to going to market, these products are tested and can sometimes have CBD results over 100% purity.

Questions Answered

Question: How can my product contain more than 100% CBD and how can the Pharmaceutical products described above contain more than 100%?

Answer: The accumulation of uncertainty.

Theoretically, you can’t have more than 100% of anything. Scientifically, when you combine the uncertainty of the 1) Chemical Standards, 2) Laboratory Processes, 3) Laboratory Equipment, and 4) Laboratory Personnel, the additive effect of uncertainty translates into the final Assay value which can derive values in excess of 100% for ultra-pure compounds.

The goal of any laboratory is to minimize the uncertainty to the best of their scientific ability. At Botanacor Services, we have built our laboratory on the same foundation and protocols required in any FDA-compliant Pharmaceutical quality control laboratory. We follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), which allows us to provide the highest level of accuracy with the lowest level of uncertainty.

Question: Why don’t you just change the lab report to say 100%?

Answer: Let’s say we test a CBD isolate and the value for CBD is 102.1%. While a CBD value of 102.1% may seem like an anomaly to the end user, it’s legally defendable and scientifically accurate. Every data point and calculation to derive at 102.1% stands on sound scientific principles. To merely change a number at the request of a manufacturer or end user because they aren’t experienced in these scientific practices would completely negate the defensibility of the data. Furthermore, manufacturers formulating products on a -2.1% “fudge-factor” would be formulating inaccurately.

This may feel like a new concept for the burgeoning CBD industry; however, we can attest this is a very common occurrence in scientific analysis. Values exceeding 100% have been measured for decades and will be measured for decades to come. This isn’t exclusive to CBD, THC, or any other cannabis product. This is consistent with scientific measurement practices.



Values greater than 100% in the scientific community are simply accepted. Chemists, formulators, management, FDA auditors and the like, all understand this concept and have all accepted it for decades. A new sector of talent is entering this scientific community, the Cannabinoid Purification Manufacturer, who in most cases have not been introduced to this concept.

Never before has a consumer product been manufactured, purified, and sold on the open market directly to consumers, so seeing a lab report with CBD results over 100% purity can be confusing to the layperson. If these products were being sold to scientific professionals, who intend to manufacture products from this as a starting material, they would simply use that Assay value in their formulations.